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Protect your space from Covid-19 and other infectious diseases with AI facial recognition temperature scanner 

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IntelliGreen is driven by the fundamental belief that the better you feel, the better you'll do. We have taken this belief and applied it to our expertise in providing cutting-edge technology at scale. 

Our products and services are focused on providing technology that enables society to better maintain its well-being. We strive for the assurance of keeping kids in school, maximizing safety for healthcare facilities, allowing for retail stores to remain open, and keeping the small businesses, the heart and soul of America, successful. 

Our promise: Any product or service offered by IntelliGreen will inherently improve the community, allowing society to feel good...and do better.  


With a fever being a leading symptom for Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, Intelli-Temp provides an added layer of defense and peace of mind to any facility. 

The 8'inch LCD display allows for patrons to stand up to 3' from the device for an accurate, fast temperature reading to ensure social distancing protocols are maintained without creating a bottleneck at your entrance. 

Covid-19 has stolen the feeling of comfort and safety from facilities across the globe, take it back with Intelli-Temp! 


  • 8-inch LCD display 
  • Water and dust proof 
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Gate compatible 
  • Compatible and accurate with facial masks 
  • Facial recognition processing of less than 1 second with 99% accuracy 
  • Supports a facial database of up to 50,000 people
  • Temperature reading capabilities of up to 3 feet 
  • Temperature accuracy:  ± 0.5 ° F
  • Adjustable temperature alarm setting 
  • Green and Red LED indicator light
  • Existing attendance database tie-in capability